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North Tyneside Carers’ Centre is a local independent charity which was established in 1994. We are the only generic carer support service in the borough providing support to both young and adult carers.  We are a network member of Carers Trust. Over the years the centre has developed in response to the needs of adult and young and now employs around 22 staff and has 25 volunteers.  The Board of Trustees is made up of professionals, some of whom are carers with a diverse range of skills needed to move the organisation forward.  Carers are represented at every level of the organisation.

Our mission is “To improve the quality of life for carers in North Tyneside."

We have contracts with the Local Authority and North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver some of our services and are also supported by a range of charitable trusts.

By listening to carers we have developed a wealth of knowledge and a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges they face.  Carers who use the centre have access to individually tailored information, advice and support.  Our ‘one stop shop’ approach minimises the number of times carers have to repeat information and the number of agencies involved.   

Our strategic aims are:

  1. To work with other agencies to ensure that those with caring responsibilities are identified at an early stage and offered support so that they can continue to have a family and community life.

  2. To promote the value and contribution of carers so that they are recognised as expert partners in planning individual care and in designing local service provision.

  3. To enable local carers to fulfil their educational and employment potential.

  4. To influence the development and implementation of legislation and guidance in North Tyneside to ensure that carers rights are being upheld and that carers have the knowledge and skills they need to utilise the opportunities it offers.

  5. To continue to develop North Tyneside Carers Centre, its governance, staff and resources to meet the needs of carers over the next 5 years

We have strong links with other agencies supporting carers in the borough.  If a carer needs specialist help that we do not have in house we signpost the carer to the appropriate agency and work with them to avoid duplication of support. We work with partners in the statutory and voluntary sector to raise awareness of carers’ issues and we are a key partner in the development and delivery of North Tyneside's Commitment to Carers.


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