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We Need Your Completed GDPR Forms!!


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

In our January newsletter we advised all carers registered with us that, with effect from May 2018, the Data Protection Directive (DPD) would be replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation. This is the new European legal framework for the protection of personal data.

The change is expected to have a far reaching impact on the way that all organisations manage any personal data they hold.

What does this mean for the Carers' Centre?

We are now legally obliged to ask all carers registered with us to give us formal permission for us to hold data on them.  This applies to both written and electronically stored information.

What do you have to do now?

When we issued the newsletters we enclosed consent forms which we asked carers to complete and return to us in the stamped, addressed envelopes provided.

We are now asking all registered carers who received these forms to return them to the Centre as soon as possible.

If you are unable to find the form (or the envelope) or you are not sure what to do,  please do not worry.  Contact us on 0191 643 2298 and ask to speak to Suzy Hall or Alexis Brown.








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We Need Your Completed GDPR Forms!!


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